Fine-grained reactivity goes fullstack

Announcing v1 Release

Composable Meta-framework

SolidStart integrates multiple separate packages to provide a complete functionality. Each of these pieces can be replaced with your own implementation.

  • Seroval

    A strong, highly-performant serializer.

  • Vinxi

    Bundler and server runtime

    • Vite

      Dev env and bundler

    • Nitro

      server APIs and presets

  • Solid Router

    Official client-side router.

Rock-Solid Developer Experience

(pun intended)

  • Single-Flight Mutations

    Avoid waterfalls when updating data on the server.

    E.g.: when updating your view after a mutation, SolidStart will prevent a waterfall even if a navigation is triggered by the mutation. New data comes on the same flight as the mutation response.

  • Request & Resource Deduplication

    During a roundtrip 2 identical requests never fly out, and 2 identical resources are never serialized again.

  • Server Actions

    Form actions running on the server with code co-location and all the bells, whisltles, and whimsy you need.

  • Server Functions

    Also known as Lambda Functions, SolidStart can create these API endpoints automatically, just as any other route.

  • Data (pre-)Loading

    Strongly parallelized data loading, easily define preloading strategies and empower your users with the snappiest UX they can imagine!

Deploy Anywhere

On the shoulders of open-source. SolidStart can be deployed to every platform Nitro has a preset for.

export default defineConfig({
server: {
preset: "netlify"